Enjoy the Flight with a Peregrine Falcon Shapeshifter

In Tethered, my heroine is a peregrine falcon shapeshifter. The Fae gifted her bloodline with the ability to transform centuries ago. While werewolves will always be my favorite type of shifter, I am drawn to avian creatures as well. I’ve always wanted to fly and in my stories I can make that happen.

Peregrine falcons can reach speeds up to 200mph and are commonly used as Falconry birds.

Releases Feb. 14

To celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway of a stuffed falcon and a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Stuffed Peregrine Falcon(Your falcon will be in its original packaging)

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What is your favorite type of bird?

40 thoughts on “Enjoy the Flight with a Peregrine Falcon Shapeshifter

  1. i love birds of prey eagle, falcons etc but i appreciate all birds
    thank you for the opportunity to win such a cute plush ( don’t have any falcon in my collection yet^^)

  2. Deborah D

    My favorite bird would have to be the hummingbird.

  3. Diana Page

    I love Eagles, they ate so majestic when they float on the wind currents

  4. Rebecca Lynn Davison

    I have to say OWLS are. They are so ancient and wise looking. I love the way they can turn their heads almost completely around. Its crey but cool. Also their call is very loud for a bird and low pitched. I have one that lives in my neighborhood and he often calls out. When he does he goes on and on, lol!

  5. Kaela K.

    Owls and falcons are my favorite birds. They’re just so beautiful and fascinating.

  6. Emily Endrizzi

    My favorite birds are owls. Any kind of owls.

  7. Linda Romer

    Favorite bird is a Bluebird. Thank you

  8. Debra Jones

    My favorite type of bird is owls. They are nocturnal and are portrayed to be very wise.

  9. Terri Quick

    Bluebirds are so pretty 🙂

  10. Carol Luciano

    The might and glorious Eagle are something to behold. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  11. Diane Vice

    I love birds of prey, especially red-tailed Hawks.

  12. Tracy

    My favorite would be the Australian Magpie and a hawk.

  13. Juana Esparza

    The eagle is my favorite bird.

  14. Rita Wray

    My favorite bird is a Macaw. I think they are beautiful and smart.

  15. Rebecca Booth

    I love to watch eagle and owls! Both are fascinating birds!

  16. Kara Marks

    My favorite birds are cardinals, esp. since I found out that some people see them as “angels” or having the souls of those who have passed. I don’t believe that, but it’s a nice thought.

  17. Dotty J Boucher

    I love the beauty of a nuthatch.

  18. Anita k

    The Peregrine Falcon is extremely majestic.My all time favorite.Thanks so very much for sharing.

  19. I love peregrine falcons. I have several peregrine webcams set up from all different parts of the country including PA, OH, MA, NY, NJ & even in Canada. The Peregrine pairs should have started mating already & they should be getting ready to lay their eggs usually around early to the of middle of March. I love seeing the eggs hatch & watching them grow & fledge.

  20. Linda Szymoniak

    I love Cardinals (they were my mom’s favorite bird, too). I also really love the sparrows and chickadees that gather on our trees all the time.

  21. BookLady

    The cardinal is my favorite bird.

  22. Sherry Cockerham

    I love hummingbirds. I feed them in the summer. They are so beautiful and fast. Love them.

  23. debbie s

    I love tuis from new zealand we are so lucky and live in an area where native birds are many. Waking up to the tuis calling mimicing and singing is amazing

  24. Heather Strand

    Lovebirds! <3 Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  25. Margaret Appel

    I love peregrine falcons, but my absolute favorite is the phoenix. Yeah, I know, it’s a myth. But somewhere in all those legends there has to be a grain of truth somewhere.

  26. Angel

    I love the Bald Eagle, such a majestic bird

  27. Nancy Burgess

    My favorite bird is an eagle

  28. Maggie Steele

    I love flamingos!!

  29. Barbara Hopkins

    My favorite bird is the Snowy White Owl.

  30. Anita Yancey

    My favorite is a hummingbird.

  31. Erin Will

    My favorite bird is a Pelican! I think they are beautiful and interesting!

  32. I don’t think I really have a favorite type of bird; I love so many. I’ve grown up watching birds – “watching” them, not “studying” them, so I may not know all their names, but I know whether I’ve seen (or heard) them before. I love the night sounds of the Whippoorwill; it reminds me of home and transports me to a happier, peaceful time, when I spent summers with my grandparents. I would listen for woodpeckers with my grandfather and then try to find them, search for birds’ nests hidden in the porch eaves, or watch dozens of tiny hummingbirds vie for the red water in the feeder. So many fond memories are linked to birds. I have a little parakeet now (Athena) who brings me so much joy with her singing.

  33. I love owls and ravens

  34. Pamk

    Eagles are my favorite

  35. Rajee Pandi

    hummingbird is my favorite

  36. Marlene Howard

    I love Owls and Eagles.

  37. Kalliope D.

    My green budgerigar, Adam, is my favourite! He’s so cute and funny when he’s chattering! 😉 ^_^
    Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  38. Rita Corey

    I love hummingbirds.

  39. Carol S

    Thank you so much for the gift card & the stuffed peregrine!

    • BethCaudill

      You’re welcome. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

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