ZS – Beloved Dragon Mate by Dominique Eastwick

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A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Pisces – artist, dreamer, romantic

Beloved Dragon Mate by Dominique Eastwick

Ky the Searcher wants nothing more than to save his dying clan. Women are few and far between for the Dragons of Zambonia. With so few females born, it is now time to search for suitable mates amongst the covens of the planet. Ky and his ranger brothers have been dispersed to the four corners of the planet, tasked to find women both honorable and worthy to be dragons’ mates. But, at the first village, he finds a diamond in rough. His life mate.

The witches of Willow’s coven might be so beautiful they make a man forget his name, but below the exterior is little more than vanity and pettiness. Men come from far and wide to mate with the beauties. So why, when the Dragon Ky arrives, would he be any different? Why would he possibly see anything past the plain woman whose beauty burns on the inside? But the vulnerable within her coven rely on her. Can she take a step for what she wants and leave them at risk?

If Ky and Willow can get through a wall of opposition with a little help from a interfering otter familiar, they might find what they each thought never to have. True love.

The Storm is brewing.

Release date: Jun. 31st 2019

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Excerpt – Spicy

He reached for her, but she stepped back pulling her blouse off and letting her skirt drop to the dirt. She lifted her face to the sun, allowing its warmth to suffuse her before running and diving in. Coming up for air, she turned to see him stalking her like a tiger. But this prey planned to be caught.

The only shame was his perfect body now lay half hidden by the small waves. “I told you the water was perfect and warm.”

“You are perfect.” His eyes burned into hers. “It’s about to get a hell of a lot hotter.”

“I’m counting on it.” Wading over to him, she pressed her breast against his muscular chest. She was about to kiss him when Floof (her otter familiar) showed up behind him. “Floof, you might want to paddle off.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because I am about to pleasure your witch.”

Floof froze but momentum kept him floating in a circle. “Can he hear me?”

“Can you hear him?”

He gave her a cheeky grin. “No, but it dinnae take a genius to figure out what your sassy otter would be saying.”

“You heard my man. Unless you want to watch a show…”

Ew, human sex. No thank you.” Floof made a beeline for the shore. After a quick shake, he scurried into the woods, likely heading back to the safety of the shack.

The moment she refocused on Ky, he lifted her into his arms, adjusting her legs around his hips and placing his erect cock in direct contact with her pussy. The intimate touch had her shivering. Kissing her, he moved them deeper until the waves lapped around her shoulders. She pulled back from the kiss, becoming one with the water.

He placed his hand on the space between her breasts and supported her back with the other. “Yer so damned gorgeous, yer like a bloody sea nymph.”

She didn’t open her eyes, just allowed her other senses to take over. His touch mingled with the water she loved so much. “Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t have been born a mermaid.”

“You have ensnarled me like no siren could have.” His hand moved to one of her breasts, and she moaned.

“The lake calls to me. I always wondered if it was because I’m a Pisces. No one else in the village is, and I’m the only one obsessed with the lake.”

“It does allow us privacy. I want to take you back to the beach and taste you again. Lick you as you find your orgasm.”

About the Author

Award Winning Author, Dominique Eastwick grew up a US Navy Brat, so if there was a Naval base that was probably home. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, two children, crazy lab and lazy cat.

Dominique’s love of reading started when she was told to read TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in high school. A book that opened her eyes to the joys of reading and entering into the world of the author. To this day she ranks this book as her favorite.


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ZS – Waterlocked by C.D. Gorri

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A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Cancer – Attentive, Possessive, Caring

Zodiac Cancer badge

Waterlocked by C.D. Gorri

Waterlocked Cover

Nathan Silvertongue is a Dragon Shifter, bound to the sign Cancer, and a Warden of Terra. Called into duty upon the disbanding of the Hounds of God, Nathan ignores the first few attempts of the Heralds to get in touch with him. Living on a tiny unmarked island, the SeaDragon left mainstream life decades ago, preferring his isolation and solitude, but that all changes when she shows up.

Phoebe Bright has been promoted to the rank of Junior Station Master by the Heralds of Terra. Her job is to wrangle and confirm assignments for her charge. If only she could find him!

Tracking down the elusive SeaDragon hasn’t been easy, but this Witch isn’t about to give up. Not even when he slams the door in her face. Literally.

If he won’t talk to her, he won’t talk to anyone! Phoebe conjures a spell that leaves the two of them on his island without any means to communicate with the outside world until they come to an agreement.

Sparks fly as tempers and lusts grow wilder with each passing day, will they survive being waterlocked with only each other?

Release Date July 2nd, 2019

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How dare she come into his home, intrude on his island, and order him about! Not now. Oh sure, he’d waited for a hundred years, or three, to be called back by the Heralds. Waited for the world to realize what he’d meant in the fight against the Dark. But no. He’d not been missed. All he’d sacrificed had been dismissed. Grossly discounted, in fact.

He’d had family once. A mate. A home. All gone while he was out doing his duty. Arianna, how could you? Pain squeezed his chest briefly as he recalled his greatest mistake with agony. Forgive me, my brethren.

The names of the fallen whispered across his mind. Bluewing, Diamondscale, Onyxclaw, and young Ambereyes. Four of the finest Dragons he’d ever known. All Wardens of Terra. Like him. Though they’d carried no sign of the Zodiac, they’d had other gifts. But still, they’d fallen under the betrayal of the one he vowed to protect above all. The elemental Arianna.

Nathan shut down the images of the past. His Dragon growled against the pain in his mind’s eye. But like a steel door, he switched it off, focusing instead on the curvy little Witch who’d dared bring up his past.

“Leave,” his voice was quiet. Dangerous. But did she heed his warning? No. Of course not. Stepping forward once more, she raised her hands as if in surrender and spoke.

“You have been called upon, Nathan Silvertongue. Terra needs you,” bright blue eyes bore into his and Nathan shuffled back.

No, he would not fall for her plea. He was wiser now. Stronger. He would not be fooled by the Heralds again. Standing up, tall and only half-nude, he stalked the shorter woman until she backtracked to the door from whence, she came.

The sun was just breaking out behind the storm clouds that had been passing more and more frequently overhead. Not a good sign, he acknowledged. The storms he’d seen on the weather tracker were coming. Fast. He needed to get his supplies, but first, he had this to deal with.

“The Wardens may have been recalled, but I am not one of them. Not anymore. Leave my island, Witch. You’ll find no heroes here,” he slammed the reinforced door in her pretty little face.

About the Author

I’m C.D. Gorri, Steamy Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy YA Author, and Creator of the Grazi Kelly Universe. I am proud to be a two-time Smashwords USA Today Happy Ever After Hot List Indie Author!

I’ve always been an avid reader, and I have a profound love for books and literature. When I’m not writing or taking care of my family I can usually be found with a book or tablet in my hand. I live in my home state of New Jersey with my husband, our children, and our dogs, Dash and Chewie.

I’m a busy mom of three and finding time for leisurely reading was never easy, so I write stories that are fast-paced, yet detailed with satisfying conclusions. If I thought making time to read was difficult, I was in for a huge surprise when I started writing, but now that I started, I can’t picture myself doing anything else! I love writing powerful women and strong heroes who face relatable problems in supernatural settings! I plan on increasing the GK Universe with each and every story I publish. You can follow me on social media to keep up to date on all my new releases and events!




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ZS – Officer Jaiden Barkly by McKayla Schutt

Zodiac Shifters

A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Gemini – Curious, Affectionate, Mercurial

Officer Jaiden Barkly by McKayla Schutt

When the thin blue line turns red, only one man can stop a killer hunting down shifters in the streets of Denver. And only one woman can save him from himself.

Officer Jaiden Barkly promised to protect and serve all the citizens of his town, supernaturals and humans alike, and he has a damn good record of doing just that. But now someone is threatening his town and his mate, and he won’t rest until he’s put them away for good.

Mya Lindorth has been burned before. Her shifter ex taught her that love hurts. Literally. Now, she must trust a shifter cop, Jaiden with her life and her heart as they race to find the person responsible for the bloodshed in their town. But the odds are stacked against them, and the death toll is rising.

Can they finally stop a killer with a bloodlust for shifters, or will they become her next victims?

Make Jaiden your next book boyfriend in the steamy shifter romance that fans of Terry Bolryder will call their next favorite read! Scroll up and one-click to start reading Officer Jaiden Barkly today!

Release date: June, 11th 2019
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Excerpt – Spicy

“I wasn’t done. I haven’t been under a rock for the past decade since werewolves came out into the open. Finn may have convinced me we’d be great together, but you don’t need to convince me. I know in my heart you’ll protect me and love me.”

“Of course, I will.” He stormed up to her and lifted his mat into his arms. “I never want to see you hurt ever again. It killed me every time I had to come to your house and see bruises on your skin.” The thought of her still bruised scalp gave him pause. “Maybe we should wait till tomorrow when you’ve healed.”

“No way.” She grabbed the top of his shirt and pulled making a tear in the center. “I’m not waiting. If you’re ready, then I’m ready.” She leaned in and kissed him.

He couldn’t hold back any longer, so he carried her up the stairs and headed for his bed.

“Once your head is fully healed, I’ll take you rough like you deserve.” He carefully set her on the bed. “For now, take off your clothes.”

She grabbed the hem of her shirt and took it off then shimmed out of her pants. Her pink cotton panties slipped off her hips and fell into the pile of clothes.

“I like the no bra style.” He groaned and… find out more today!


About the Author

McKayla loves to write books about sexy werewolves. She is a stay at home mom of two in the state of Wyoming. Born in California, she misses the hot weather all of the time. Her goal- to write as many sexy books as possible. However, being a mom of two little ones can take time but she is pushing to finish her work to get more books out for her lovely fans.Ever since she was little she wanted to be a writer but doubters said that it would be impossible to make money at it. She is pushing herself hard to show them they are wrong.

Connect with McKayla:


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ZS – Warrior Wolf by Crystal Dawn

Zodiac Shifters

A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Taurus – Loyal, Stubborn, Sensual

Warrior Wolf by Crystal Dawn

Grant is a werewolf warrior sent to fight in South America out of the large base they have there. He’s itching to fight and he wants to mate Jaclyn the lovely witch who came there recently. She’s lost here where her professional exterior doesn’t fit in and she needs to get back to her wild witch roots.

Can these two different people manage to work together and find something special that’s growing between them?

Release date: Apr 30th 2019
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Excerpt – Spicy

“I’m fine now.” She started to stand but fell back to the cot.
H“Apparently not. Gertie assigned another witch to me for tomorrow. She said you need to rest. Let me help you to your room.”
It shouldn’t upset her. After all Gertie was looking out for her. Yet another witch being with Grant did upset her. Why? Was it a good idea to look closely at her feelings? It was clear it was jealousy. She didn’t want another witch or any female at his side for work or especially play.
There was even more to it than that. She could protect him. That she’d proven more than once. What if he was harmed because she wasn’t there? What if he liked the other witch better than her? It would drive her crazy to lose him in any way. Inside her she felt extra energy roaming around waiting to be harnessed. All she had to do was get it before tomorrow and she’d be the one to go with Grant.
She held out her hand and he took it. A tingle ran through her starting where their hands touched. He pulled her up and held her upright lending her his strength. A few seconds later she felt stable. “Thank you.”
“I’ll keep a hold of you just to be sure.” Grant stated.
It might not be a good idea, but she let him hold her as he led her out the door. She liked being held by Grant, probably too much. Maybe she just should throw caution to the wind? It was clear he wanted something from her, and it was more than just one night.
He got her to her room, and he followed her in. The look in his eyes told her he planned to seduce her, and she was going to allow it. When the door closed, she turned to him and Grant pulled her into his embrace. He was kissing her until she gave in. “I liked that.” She whispered.
Need made him continued to kiss her mouth both taking and giving pleasure. He pulled back slightly, sliding his mouth down her neck. Her breath was going nuts as was her heart beat. “Do you want me now?” He asked. All she could do was nod.
He picked her up taking her to her bed. Standing her in front of him, he stripped his clothes off slowly. Goddess, the male was sexy as hell! Now he began to remove hers. He lifted her naked body and placed her on the bed, then he joined her there. The scent of her need nearly drove him mad with desire.
Leaning on an arm, Grant palmed one breast as his mouth sucked on the nipple of the other breast. She whimpered and it drove him wild. Goddess, she was a responsive female. He continued to suck and lightly nibble on her nipples until she asked for more. He did exactly that moving down further, so he could give her more.
The scent of needy female filled him as his tongue licked her from her gate to her clit. Her delightful flavor melted on his tongue then he found her opening impaling it. His tongue fucked her generously as his fingers circled her clit. He sensed her climax nearing. When she came, he wanted it to be on his cock. Moving up her body, he got into a good position with his cock poised at her entrance. He pushed in and she pushed back against him to speed things up.
That’s when he felt the barrier that broke and her pain as she made a sharp sound. “You should have told me.” He observed.
“Just keep going!” She demanded.
“You’re so fucking tight!” He observed. Grant pushed in again and she made a strangling sound and she felt a rush of her honey covering his cock.
He pulled back then moved in again going forward slowly as perspiration covered his forehead. Grant seemed to be controlling himself using his will power because she was just pressing him so hard. Once he was fully inside again, he rested a second enjoying the pleasure of being inside his female. He started to slide in and out, speeding up faster and faster until he was slamming into her. Her channel squeezed him so hard he struggled to pull free. A tingle slid down his back, he refused to come before she did. She came with a scream of pure pleasure.
His wolf howled and he saw flashing lights behind his eye lids. Never had that happened to him before. His body jerked and bucked even though he was sure there was nothing left to shoot. Now that she’d finally given into his sexual needs, surely that would change their relationship. He’d never felt so wonderful or full of love in his life. Finally, he was at peace with his female and ready to take life on. Pulling her on top of his chest, she was asleep right away. He followed moments later.

About the Author

When she’s not out hunting rogue vampires and werewolves, you can find Crystal Dawn out exploring the galaxy. She can do it all without ever leaving her computer. She kicks ass, takes names, and puts it all down for the enjoyment of her readers. At least that’s what I think she told me. Writing came as a natural outlet for her overly creative mind. The start of her stories is the easy part. Finishing them is a little harder when all the stories are in there trying to get out. She loves reading, chocolate, fine sweet wine, and traveling among a large list of pursuits. Her favorite people, after her family and close friends, are her readers who she says are some of the most wonderful people in this galaxy and the next.

Connect with Crystal:

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CZS – Treasure by CJ Matthew

Welcome to Celtic Zodiac Shifters

A series of books with a mystic astrological spin on love. From Birch to Elder… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.Celtic Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the thirteen Irish astrology signs.


Treasure by CJ Matthew

Sea Dragon shifter Liam Rudraige was up to his eyeballs managing Muirdris’s shipping business at the Port of Dublin, plus the Port of Cork expansion, and all the while dodging stalker salesmen.

Until the boss called…and Liam was forced to swim the fastest undersea route to the Druid’s magical island sanctuary.

NY public relations guru, Heather Daniels, despises belligerent sales reps. Seriously, what could be worse?

Transferring to Ireland to discover she’s expected to clean up after her stalker-zilla predecessor. The aggressive jerk left a real mess. And the first executive listed on her make-amends-inventory, Liam Rudraige, has disappeared.

Release date: Apr. 23rd 2019
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Heather rose to her feet, straightening the stack of slick Wells & Hancock PR folders on the conference table in front of her. “No,” she said in her quiet, firm voice. “That’s unacceptable. I can’t believe you want me to follow in my predecessor’s footsteps. I was told fixing Lester’s mess is the reason you brought me on. Moved me all the way here to Cork from New York.”

“You come highly recommended,” her new supervisor, Jeff, murmured.

“Not as a sledgehammer. My specialty is building long-term relationships with our clients. The shipping company executives you’ve been targeting are disgusted by Lester’s take-no-prisoners-attitude and his pitbull behavior. You have to understand each shipping executive sees their role in developing the port in Cork differently. They do want to participate, but at varying levels. Most of them already have ongoing obligations to their ancillary businesses in Dublin.”

“What makes you such an expert?” Jeff asked. When he raised his chin like that, he looked just like his namesake uncle and half owner of the Manhattan based firm, Mr. Jeffrey Wells. She’d also carefully considered that complication before accepting this assignment.

“You’ve only been here a few days,” Jeff pointed out the obvious.

I did all my homework before I accepted this promotion,” she said. “We need to—”

“Your first assignment,” Jeff-the-jerk spoke over her, “is to figure out which contracts with W&H are missing signatures and follow up immediately on those.”

She stayed calm. “There wasn’t much in Lester’s desk and his office PC was wiped clean. Do you have his business phone, or a diary or any of his call records?”

“No. But as I just said, we need to identify the unsigned contracts to know who to go after.”

The nephew was a nightmare. Instead of listening, he was mansplaining her job priorities to her? “Before we go after anyone, we need to figure out how badly Lester harassed these people already.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Jeff insisted. “Most of the contracts are coming up on their due dates. The one that jumps out is with Muirdris Shipping.” Jeff waved a sheaf of legal-length papers in the air. ” Nothing has been signed by Mr. Rudraige and several are about to expire. You need to track him down. Get his signature now. Today.”

Not without a current assessment of Mr. Rudraige’s attitude toward W&H. “Do you know how the Muirdris manager feels—”

“Mr. Liam Rudraige doesn’t have feelings.” The way Jeff said the word made it sound dirty. “He’s a Director of Muirdris Shipping. And one of the very first and most vocal supporters of the Port of Cork expansion. Unless he recently had a complete change of heart, he should have signed all of these contracts with our company a year ago and be ready and willing to renew today.”

Trying to reason with Jeff was futile. The man wasn’t listening. His default response was to argue with her. Better appear to go along until she could figure out Rudraige’s state of mind toward their PR firm on her own. “I’ll do my best to contact the Muirdris director today and—”

“Your best? Like hell, just get his damn signature,” Jeff finished her sentence on his own terms.

About the Author

CJ Matthew’s newest release, Treasure, a Celtic Zodiac Shifters book -Willow is her first contribution to the Celtic Zodiac series and also Book 3 in her ongoing Sea Dragon Shifter series which features an Irish clan of sea dragons posing as humans to run their international container shipping conglomerate, Muirdris.

CJ grew up in an Air Force family that travelled all over the U.S. and around the world. She spent her high school and university years living in California, which inspired her love of marine life and the Pacific Ocean. And she loves to write about cities worldwide.

A member of Georgia Romance Writers (GRW) Romance Writers of America, CJ lives and writes near a lake in the woods northeast of Atlanta. When she isn’t writing or reading romances, CJ likes to travel and to spend time with her two grown children, a brilliant grandson, and a feisty cat named Max

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