Listify Life Challenge – Spring Edition

There are a few strange people out there: the people who love to make lists. Some lists are for to-do items and others are for keeping track of important information. A fun challenge I’ve become aware of is the #ListifyLife weekly challenge.  Each week there is a different topic that you create a list from and post it.  You can use a planner, a blog, a picture.  Anything to express your take on the weekly theme.

ListifyLife Challenge

Check out the main post for details and links to some nifty printable cards.

Because I’m late, here is Week 1’s list:

Spring for me is

Warm Weather
Yellow-Green puddles of pollen washed off the house and car

Wild Pear Tree in Bloom
Backyard Pear Tree in Bloom


Week 2 of the #ListifyLife Challenge

The Books I’d Want to Live in for a While

The Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop
The Harmony World by Jayne Castle
Pern Series by Anne McCaffrey