Listify Life – The Songs I Never Get Tired Of

Music.  YEAH! I love music. I wish I had the ability to create it but that isn’t one of my skill sets.  I loved playing in symphonic band.  I use playlists – both songs and instrumental – to help set moods for my writing. This week’s Listify Life was difficult only because there are so […]

Listify Life – Things I Collect

Listify Life Spring Challenge moves into May.  If you could like a copy of the weekly challenge cards, check out Sierra Godfrey’s post for May. Things I Collect Hobbies Growing Roses Cross Stitch Quilling Quilting Chainmaille Jewelry Post-It Notes Sparkly Pens

Listify Life – Scents Provoke Memories

I’m sensitive scents.  I get migraines walking past perfume counters in stores.  I get unscented soaps, detergents and hate air fresheners.  This week’s Listify Life challenge was a bit difficult for me. Scents that Conjure Up Memories Lilac – reminds of elementary school (There was a huge bush outside the entrance) Pumpkin + Cinnamon – […]