Tracking Word Count – Oh So Many Ways

A new year means it’s time to refresh the way I’m keeping track of my word count.  My goal is to keep increasing my output from year to year.  Since I’m a turtle-like writer, I have tons of room to improve.

For anyone who likes crossing stuff off, there is the Don’t Break the Chain calendar.  Basically you set a goal for each day and cross off the date when you meet it.  Any calendar will do, but if you like colors or want to use something already put together, check out the designs here:

If you want a task tracker or fun To-Do list design, check out David Seah’s site.  I love the Destruct-o-Matic version.

Art and colors make anything better.  This is true of my favorite word tracking spreadsheet.  Created by Svenja Gosen, fandom art and color inspire you to write more and more words.  Updated yearly and a special NaNo monthly version is available as well.

Last year I tried this writing and revision spreadsheet by Jamie Raintree.  I liked it because of being able to track word counts associated with revisions and multiple projects.  I actually use both Svenja Gosen’s spreadsheet and Jamie’s.  Twice the cheering on those words written.

A new tracker I discovered thanks one of my favorite Facebook groups is by author Sidney Bristol. Her spreadsheet tracks words and pages for several projects.  You can check it out on her blog:

What methods do you use for tracking your word count or other habits across the year?

Bonus – 2017 Read and Watch Challenge

Looking for a reason to read a book or watch a movie?  Follow along each month with a new word to stimulate your book and movie choices.